Palmetto Grand Youth Society Division I

Comrade Connie Keller, GYI Matron

Greetings from the desk of Comrade Connie Keller, GYI Matron
The Palmetto Grand Youth Division 1 Society’s foundation is based on Luke 2:52; “Jesus increased in wisdom and statue
and in favor with God and man”. Our objective is to promote through appropriate and effective action, the welfare of its members and each community it serves, a medium which can be used to stimulate growth and development in young people and to gradually transfer them into the Masonic organization.

I was appointed this position under the leadership of Honorable David E. Thompson, Past Grand Master and Comrade Clyde Bouknight, Grand Youth Advisor. At that time we had only three active youth societies. We currently have five youth societies:

Aiken Youth – Comrade Barbara Hughes

Charleston King Soloman Youth – Comrade Avis Grant

Greenwood Revelation Youth – Comrade Latwissie Martin

Hardy District Youth – Comrade Jessie Goodie

West Columbia Metropolitan Youth.

The Grand Youth I Officers are: Comrades Connie Keller – GYI Matron, George Richardson – GYI Patron, Jessie Goodie

– GYI Secretary, Cheryl Burns – GYI Treasurer, Sandra Wolley – GYI Supervisor and Clyde Bouknight – Grand Youth