Greeting Brothers and Sisters! As we embark on a New Year, it is my desire that we experience a sense of unity. As Grand Master of this Great State, I take pleasure in leading the greatest group of Sisters and Brothers in the National Compact. It is also my desire to see our State grow. Not just growth in numbers but growth in knowledge, growth in giving, growth in sharing and growth in caring. As you reflect on the Oath, those qualities are a part of being a Sister and Brother. Psalm 133:1 states “Behold How Pleasant it is for Brethren to Dwell together in Unity.”  We are not without challenges but together our challenges can be conquered.

We have launched our newly redesigned website and I hope that you will take an active role in using our web site to communicate information. This web site will be more user friendly and we, the members will be able to create and update our content, something we could not do at the old site. Soon we will be contacting you to select a person to serve as the administrator for your Department. Even though the site will be launching, it is not complete, we are a working progress and we ask that you keep this in mind. Constructive criticism is always welcome

I want to thank those Lodges that are using the Membership Database to manage our Lodge Members. We expect the Lodges to take advantage of the tool that is available for maintaining your membership. We will be conducting Membership Training Classes sometime this year.